Instacart respects your privacy. Review Instacart’s Privacy Policy to learn more about our privacy practices.  

Updating personal information

You can change the following information in the Instacart app or website—

  • Account information
  • Contact information
  • Address(es)
  • Payment methods
  • Loyalty cards
  • Order notifications
  • Marketing options
  • Retailer sharing preferences
  • Instacart+ membership

Here's how—

  1. Select the menu in the upper left corner
  2. Select Account Settings or Your Instacart+ membership 
  3. Select the section(s) you want to update

Accessing personal information

You can request a copy of your personal information here.

If you can't access your account, you can email a request to [email protected].

You can authorize a third party (an “Authorized Agent”) to submit an access request. Authorized Agents must submit the customer’s request, information to verify the customer’s identity (as explained in the Privacy Policy), and proof of authorization to [email protected]. Proof of authorization can be a Power of Attorney document or the customer’s written authorization. 

Deleting personal information

All active users, inactive users, and Authorized Agents can use Your Privacy Choices to request deletion.

Right to appeal

On January 1, 2023, certain customers can appeal if Instacart doesn't respond to a privacy request within 45 days.

Review our Privacy Policy for more information.